Sunday, September 9, 2018

Cape May Red and Meat Hot Pot

All-you-can-eat Chinese hot pot is so popular in the winter months for the obvious reason. For around $25 or less per person, you get to dip all kinds of meat, seafood, vegetables and noodles in the hot broth of your choice and have piping hot food that warms your heart and soul. Hot pots can be communal or personal. The latter allows each patron choosing his preferred broth such as numbing spicy, medicinal, tomato or miso soup base, which boils in an 8-inch pot for personal consumption. Like a regular buffet, patron goes to the food islands and take as much food and dipping sauces as they like. The dipping sauces are an abundant display of many types of sauces derived from chili, soya, fermented tofu, peanut butter, garlic and fresh herbs. Meat eaters can choose from or all the thinly sliced beef, lamb, Chinese meat balls, spam, pork blood curd, and sweet bread, etc. Cooking is fast and in no time, the meat is ready. Benefiting from the BYOB, I brought Tomasello Cape May Red and paired it with all these spicy, juicy and peculiar meats. This table red is versatile and surprisingly fruity that compliments the complex flavors.

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