If you are interested in having me review your wines, I accept samples and press/media kits from wineries, distributors, marketing and public relations firms. Please email me at for my shipping information. All samples written about will be disclosed in my blog, Chinese Food and Wines Pairings. It will be my ideas and opinions on how to talk about your wines. Once my blog is posted, you may also receive recognition for it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I will email you the URL link to the story. You are free to post it on your own site only if the content is not altered and I receive recognition as the author of the material. If you wish to use content of my site, please contact me as well. 

Press Trips:
I am open to invitations for press trips, visiting the wine regions, vineyards, and wineries, and reporting and blogging on any aspect of the trips and wines.

Thank you in advance. I appreciate the opportunity to sample and blog about your wines!