Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sparking Shiraz and Seafood Hot Pot

Why I think this sparkling Australian Shiraz will go well with Chinese hot pot? This rose like sparkling red, when served chilled, has the crisp characteristic that provides an excellent alternative to drinker who doesn’t like too much sweetness. The fuzziness makes this wine light enough to balance the large party of seafood in Chinese hot pot without overpowering the seafood. Seafood is a perfect ingredient for tilapia, salmon, sole, shrimp, crab, mussel, fish balls, squid balls, fish paste, etc, as it cooks fast. This sparkling Shiraz is heavy enough to deal with the seafood being drenched in all types of, in some cases, heavy-mouth-feel stuff. After all, you are eating extremely hot food and this chilled wine cools you off!

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