Friday, October 4, 2019

Hong Kong “Add Oil”– Eat Local Flair & Drink Wines!

I learned to process the new Hong Kong after it has been through three months of anti-government protests since June in my recent visit. Being born and raised in Hong Kong, never in a day I felt sad and hopelessness about this global city I love until recently. I don’t have an answer in terms of how Hong Kong can break through the current perpetual cycle of political turmoil and civil unrest. I do believe Hong Kong will overcome these adversaries with strengths and the never-give-up attitude one day. 
Posters to urge political reform posted near Fortress Hill Subway Station
As I was wandering around the seemingly emptier streets of the old neighborhood on  Saturday evening, I walked passed a couple of the neighborhood restaurants which serve affordable local delicacy for many years – true good eats that can only be found in Hong Kong. I feel that the only way to resume hope is to continue doing what one does best and to focus on the positivity of life that matters to you. In my case, let’s eat some local delicacy and drink some wines!
The legendary and Michelin-awarded Sister Wah Chinese Noodle Restaurant has been serving noodle soups for many years. To make the signature beef brisket in clear soup, they use fresh local beef braised in stock with over 10 different herbs. Most items on the menu are at around US$6-7 each.
I ordered the beef brisket soup with vegetable rice to go. To pair this meal, I have found a 187 ml-bottle of Australian Hardy’s Nottage Hill Cabernet Shiraz in the local grocery store. This Nottage Hill Cabernet Shiraz is a great table wine, which has the ripe red berry notes that’s lively and easy-going. It’s off-dry and goes well with the beef brisket which is lean yet wrapped with a layer of fat.
Hand-shredded poached chicken is another local flair that’s perfect as a side dish. Using the chicken legs, they are poached, hand-shredded, tossed in salt and white pepper and served at room temperature. What’s so unique about this dish is that the chicken is sourced locally in Hong Kong – translating into freshness and the rich taste of a chicken.
Another cold side dish that is perfect for summer is the pork stomach slices. The pork stomach is washed carefully to remove any mucus inside the stomach lining prior to poaching. It is poached with Sichuan peppercorn, ginger, and scallion, and is then tossed in salt, white pepper, and a little bit MSG. The Nottage Hill Cabernet Shiraz is a causal daily red wine that doesn’t overpower these types of cold summer dishes.
These two cold side dishes are the signature dishes from Hau Hing Yu Kee, which is a chain store specializing in these affordable cold side dishes.

What a satisfying meal that’s uniquely Hong Kong! 

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