Saturday, July 24, 2021

A BBQ Party Featuring Spanish, French and British Hard Ciders #WorldWineTravel

The #WorldWineTravel bloggers are tasting Spanish, French and British hard ciders, detouring the usual path of wines this month. Thank you Cam Mann from Culinary Adventures with Camilla to host the event and coordinating samples from Winesellers Ltd. For me, one of the lucky bloggers, let's enjoy these international ciders in a BBQ party!

The organic Black Fox Cider, which is made by the Dunkertons in Herefordshire, England, is a medium-dry cider that really allows the taste of a variety of seasonal apples to shine. While it delivers a deliciously rounded taste, the deep apple flavor, lively tangy finish and light honey hues provide a special and interesting kick to this cider. The 90% juice in this cider plus the ABV of 6.8% is most suited for a summer BBQ party during the day when people want to drink, but drink something fun, lighter...and in the case of Black Fox Cider, something better!

Dunkertons Organic Black Fox Cider (SRP$8);
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If you want a bit bubbly in your ciders, Daufresne from Normandy, France is one of the go-tos. The Daufresne Brut Cidre is produced from over 20 local apple varieties, blending apples that are sweet, tart, bitter, and fresh and giving it a unique taste of ripen apples and warm spices. With a very fine effervescence, this cider has the elegance of a Champagne, but is also fun, fresh and happy. Since the ABV is only 5%, this is light drinker's dream.

Daufresne Brut Cidre (SRP$10);
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Sidra Asturiana Mayador comes from the small costal town of Villaviciosa in the Asturias region of Spain. The Sidra Espumante 2017, which is a limited production, is produced from the most coveted apple - sweet, sour and bitter from the best microclimates that favor the growth of top-quality apple groves. It's fermented in chestnut barrels for up to eight months, creating a richer mouth feel and oak scents. The medium-dry style is moderate sweet and light acidic - a definite thirst-quenching beverage in the hot summer days.

Sidra Asturiana Mayador Sidra Espumante 2017 (SRP$8); 
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The Sidra Asturiana Mayador Sidra Natural 2017 (SRP$7) delivers a more rustic version of the cider. It's produced in the traditional "en rama" style which is fermented in chestnut barrels and unfiltered, resulting in a natural still sidra with balanced dry and sour flavors. While the apple taste is still in the forefront, the hints of blossoms, lime, zest of lemon, grapfruit, ferns and grass are present and delightful. It's lighter in body, citrusy and lime-scented. I find this sidra pairs really well with salad, grilled corn on the cob and grilled peppers. 

I think I am all set for the summer with these international hard ciders. Let's check out what the other #WorldWineTravel bloggers pair the ciders with.


  1. I'm looking forward to tasting the Dunkerton's and the Daufresne. With your lovely descriptions, I know just how to pair them.

  2. Thanks for joining the cider party. I think I might have to get my husband to dust off the grill this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I've found sour tends to work with sweet vegetable items. Your corn is right on with the Mayador. I'm curious to know what other items would you pair it with?